Sticky Rice

13 Mar

So apparently, sushi isn’t very healthy. But what isn’t healthy about vegetarian or vegan sushi? At Sticky Rice in Fells Point, Baltimore they cater to sushi lovers who also love veggies. Their extensive menu is filled with items that are followed by (ve), (v) or (v/o). Those little symbols tell you if the dish is vegetarian (ve), vegan (v) or is vegetarian and can be made vegan (v/o).  If there isn’t a symbol next to the dish saying that it’s vegetarian or vegan but you really want it, Sticky Rice will make it vegetarian for you. Isn’t that cool?


Sticky Rice would be a cool place to eat even without that option. The white and black checkered floors are accented by the dark maroon and black chalkboard walls that encase the whole restaurant. Loud rock music and employees covered in tattoos fill the dining and bar area. My waitress, Scarlett, was one of those employees. She is covered in tattoos and she also sports a nose ring through the middle of her nose.  She happily explained all of the vegetarian options on the menu and let me know that Sticky Rice gets all of their produce from the local supplier, Bel-Air.


After contemplating how hungry I was and reviewing the menu numerous times, I decided to order a bucket of tots, which has won multiple awards from the City Paper of Baltimore, and three sushi rolls. The sushi that I ordered is creatively named The Hot Hippy, Dirty South and the boring yet delicious, Avocado Tempura. The Hot Hippy roll is filled with spicy tofu, scallions, peanuts, cucumbers and carrots. The Dirty South roll is tempura fried sweet potato with sam bahl and sesame seeds. The Avocado Tempura roll is cream cheese, cucumbers, avocado, spicy sauce and is drizzled with ponzu (a yummy sauce).





As a disclaimer, I don’t like spicy food. All my friends make fun of me because my spicy-food tolerance is so low. I never order spicy food. The rolls that I ordered at Sticky Rice were all pretty spicy for me, except for the Avocado Tempura. That’s not saying they weren’t good. I actually liked all of them and would have eaten them all, but the bucket of tots was so big I was full halfway through the meal. The bill was $28.36 which is one of the more expensive checks I’ve had, but for sushi it’s extremely reasonable. 


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