Holy Frijoles

1 Mar

There’s one big problem I encounter while having a vegetarian diet. I love Mexican food but in most Mexican places the only vegetarian options are beans or cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I love both of those things but usually beans are cooked in lard, which is pig fat and that’s just disgusting and not very good for you. I recently discovered a place called Holy Frijoles which is a Mexican food place but they cater to vegetarians (halleluiah).

Inside the joint the vibrant royal blue, hunter green and bright orange walls are covered in local artists’ work that’s accented by about 30 lanterns that hang from the ceiling. The inside of this place is totally awesome but the outside is way better. This is because Holy Frijoles is in Hampden and that’s my favorite part of Baltimore. I think it’s amazing simply because I love the people who are there. While I was eating a man with royal blue denim shorts, no shirt, a tan suede jacket, long hair pulled back into pony tail wearing circular rose glasses rode by on a bike… twice. That’s one example of the people who mingle around those parts just to give you a little taste. But anyways, back to the food.


I mentioned that Holy Frijoles caters to a vegetarian crowd. No matter if you get a taco salad, tacos, a burrito, chimichangas, enchiladas or fajitas there is a choice to get fresh grilled vegetables in them instead of meat. Also, none of the beans are cooked in lard! Let’s get a round of applause for no more icky pig fat. WEEEE WOOOO clap clap clap.

Besides being totally awesome for having veggie options, Holy Frijoles also gives you complementary chips and salsa. Free food? Yes please, don’t mind if I do. But here’s a tip, don’t get full off of the chips because the portions you get at Holy Frijoles are gigantic. When I ate there I got the veggie fajitas and my boyfriend got the refried bean enchilada (yes, he stunk the rest of the night) but the portions were so big we ate the leftovers for the next two days.



If you’re taking notes, I’ll recap all the positive things and then blow your mind with two more: decorations are kick-ass, Hampden is super entertaining to be a part of, free chips and salsa, and big portions. The last two things that rock about this place are that there is Dos Equis on draft (which is unheard of) and everything on the menu is inexpensive. When I ate there the other night I got my fajitas, Conor got enchiladas, a margarita and a beer and the total was $30.93. Pretty great, right? Right.


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  1. Thom Lieb March 5, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    Good post!

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